Fast Forward Aotearoa - Digital Version (Free Download)

Fast Forward Aotearoa - Digital Version (Free Download)

How emerging technology is defining the future of New Zealand… and what we can do about it. Digital PDF download version. Free grayscale download - making the book accessible to all. (Contribute NZ$10 for full colour version).

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Can New Zealand keep up with the exponential  technology that is changing the world around us?

In 2024, you can now feel the pace of technological development accelerating on a daily basis - from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, robotics to nanotech, biological enhancement to space exploration - emerging technologies are arriving into our lives and shaping the future we will live in. Ready or not.

Simultaneously, the wider planet is in the midst of an escalating, hypercomplex, interconnected “Polycrisis” of ecological overshoot, geopolitical instability and techno-capital power concentration.

In Fast Forward Aotearoa, technology futurist Ben Reid examines the key technologies which are changing New Zealand’s future - and the international power concentration behind them - exposing in the process the national vulnerabilities stemming from the lack of strategic thinking about technology in our public and private sectors.

Only by harnessing the newest, exponentially advancing technologies alongside other, likeminded nations can these challenges be solved openly and democratically to secure the future wellbeing and sovereignty of Aotearoa New Zealand’s  tangata (people), nga puna ora (ecosystems) and whenua (land)

Fast Forward Aotearoa is made available to all readers as a PDF Digital Download.

Readers can choose to pay a NZ$10 contribution towards the author's work or alternatively a grayscale PDF version of the book can be downloaded for free.

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